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Welcome to World Songs!

We’re glad you found us! World Songs is an importer and reseller of Tongue/Pan drums from around the world. The company is owned and run by life long percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Shew. The web domain “” was first purchased by Charlie in 1996 when he was working for a company called Glyph Technologies ( who was a digital storage company in the music industry.

This was the era of Napster and massive downloading of MP3 music files on the internet and World Songs was bought for the purpose of doing an online streaming service focusing on world music. When all the legal problems arose around music streaming services at the time, Charlie decided to wait on his idea for a streaming service and held on to the domain name.

All these years later in 2018, World Songs seemed like a great business name for his new business endeavor with Tongue/Pan style drums as these drums are gaining popularity around the world. For more info on what Tongue/Pan style drums are, check out What are “Tongue/Pan Drums”?